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They built vampire girl really good..i like that character


On top of having some of the highest quality animations for games of this genre, Every single character is so loveable. It's impossible for me to choose a favorite or even a least favorite.

There have been moments where I've nearly cried which I never expected at all, Keep up the amazing work.

F*cking Agree!

aww, that's great, it's admirable what you've done, thank you so much

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Will Zuri be a new character in the story in future updates? like one the MC can bang? She kinda cute not gonna lie..

Review: Really nice story I hope it goes on longer, the characters in this game look 50x more appealing and attractive than any other hentai game out there..

btw I swear I remember a Skyrim reference..


This seems like a cool game

I like the references in Animes like chunchunmaru

will there be a fishing update anytime soon?

For the Sakura Town mission, just as you unlock the location (you have to talk to her about the letter), Alice won't show up. I've skipped countless days in game, did different events like cutting wood and fishing, even staying in the house all day and still nothing. 


this game has probably made me laugh more than almost any game ever has and today it has become the first game to make me cry with the new update and what happened at the end. i must say that this game is great and one of my favourites with all the wackiness, i would highly recommend this game for anyone that doesn't have it yet just experience the full story. 

thanks for this awesome blessing Ncrow!


The best porn game I have ever played no doubt, I love how you can make it funny and engaging at the same time. The characters are well written, the animation is top tier, the story is good so far, the only thing I can complain about is that it doesn't have any sounds effects, I like how you add memes to it because it just makes it more fun to play, ESPECIALLY the skyrim and the dragon ball reference. Overall it's a really nice game and I would highly recommend downloading it.

Will there be a translation into Portuguese? This is one of the best games I've ever played.

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I didn't expect Clannad reference. You made my day by that :)

BTW I love how you put other references.

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I need help :(

How can I load my game from an old version to a new one? (In Android)

Download z archiver 

Android - data - move save files of goddess whim to a new folder

Download newer version of game and then move that old save files to android - data - goddesses whim game folder 

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I cant run the apk for some reason, and when I use a file opening app, it just doesn't install every time I try to run it 

sometimes downloads can get bugged in the process my advice would be delete the apk and download it again and retry the process. If the file comes zipped/compressed you will need to download an app to unzip/decompress it first; I don't play on mobile so idk if the apk comes zipped or not.


Is there an estimate for the next update? 

updates come monthly, believe end of the month for patrons and a week later for public release. You can find the info in the discord server.

idk if cause dum  but cant view ryokoks room after purchasing it any answers ? 

Probably a glitch try copying your save file then downloading it again then paste the save file back

It keeps saying download forbidden, i tried 3 times 


you have to make sure your settings allow downloads from 3rd party apps. 


Es uno de mis juegos favoritos H+18 si yo clasificaria seria 1000/10 no solo por sus escenas h muy pero que muy bien echas sino escensialmente por su historia este juego es el mejor que e jugado en toda mi vida en historia no lineal les doy muchas felicitaciones y espero mas actualizaciones de esta joyita

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Not the perfect game but the "vibe" is very nice...cute girls,positive and fun interactions,nice and matching just oozes enjoyment and that's what i like the most about this game.

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The music is really nice, is it possible to share with me? :)

Great game. Not usually so intrested in nfsw games, but this one is really good, the animations and creativity are top notch. A interesting story and well thought out characters makes for an enjoyable experience.

If this game was a book, I whould read it :)


The writing is so amazing, i forgot my dick is hanging out

I'm having trouble with the "Good News?" quest ;-;

What does it mean by "Follow the hints given by each event"? I'm confused as to which events the game is referring to :c


Go to sleep, you will get a hint for Keiko if you meet all the requirements.
Then follow the hints given at the end of each event

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and don't forget to check back at the stones and go to keikos domain a few times. I forgot it was a thing and got stuck for a bit lol.

Came for the tiddies stayed for the comedy. Alice best girl for no particular reason. Really fun read.

the animations are laggy, is there a fix?

i am stuck on the find yui mission. I have already spoken to everyone and have spoken to yui and all the quest prompts are crossed off already but im still stuck on it


Bonjour le jeu a l'air excellent, malheureusement les animations lagguent sur mon pc, alors que je joue à d'autres jeux avec des animations sur renpy et tout est ok. N'ayant trouvé aucunes solutions je viens demander ici. Merci d'avance

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I love this game and all girl in story. Cant wait to next EP. 

Because the end of story in this patch is so captivate to me.

You know it made me cry in that Scene.

And it made me very want to play the next patch so much.

Akane Yui and Natsuki is so CUTE. And Ryuko is TOO CUTE !!

How to get 4th scene for keiko?

What program do you use to make the scenes with?


All with Koikatsu's CharaStudio

am I the only one with a problem with the lack of voice acting?


i personally find the lack of voice acting refreshing. a lot od va stuff just sounds cringe in these types of games imo...


definitely not the only one. I mean, I don't really care about voice acting, but having sex sfx and moans is basically a necessity for me. otherwise it's just watching a GIF.

voice acting usually goes wrong quick in these games, plus then you'd have to find and pay voice actors for every character. thats a big task for an indie porn game. I'm fine with no voices or voices being added after the rest of a games completion in these scenarios. especially since bad voice acting can completely ruin an already good h-game, I'd rather if they decide to add it they make sure it's after all translation, spelling and grammar errors are fixed so they can focus soalely on that for best results.


Why it always failed when I'm almost done downloading the file in android version?

More content when? this game is godlike

Updates come at the end of every month for patrons and a week later for public release. You can find update logs, sneak peaks and development logs in the games discord server.

Can you transfer your pc save file to android?

It won't install, it either says there's a problem parsing the package or I just can't open the file at all... help plz


Hey all you have too do is delete the game then reinstall it


Why is my Android phone download not successful?


Hey just delete the game then reinstall

I can't download it and it says Forbidden File. How do I fix it?

You have to enable 3rd party downloads in your settings.


Guys I have a problem, I'm trying yo download the latest Android versión but approximately 30-45 minutes after it stops and says "Forbidden File", Can someone help me? It's been since 2.5 or 2.6 I think

that means your download got interrupted prolly because in most cases slow internet connection (the downloaded file is incomplete). Just download it over again 


god i love her

Who's Keiko again, I kinda forgot


shes a goddess

This game is incredible, it is a wonderful story, I loved everything about this installment. God bless you.

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